Building an HO Nieuport 11 “Bebe”

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Nieuport 11 instructions

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New Colors

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Coming soon

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A new pattern with a new color scheme, and a set of assembly instructions based on new cut layout. Features the front cowl assembly ..finally! check back if a few days for the pattern – maybe a bit longer for the instructions as modifications were made on the fly, therefor the print image needs to be changed based on those.

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Flying mod, Hornet motor?

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Flying HO BebeWell, I printed out a Bebe from the updated pattern to see how easy/tough it might be to assemble. I hadn’t cleaned the heads prior to it and the Cyan was clogged, so I ended up with a Pink printout. Oh well I thought, just testing things anyway. But while I was cutting the thought occured to try assembling a lighter version to see if it would fly. After placing small amounts of “tacky tack” to the front of the plane I acheived balance. And had a little pink plane with a bright blue nose that does indeed fly. Pretty cool! Of course it is a pretty short flight being 1/8″=1′ -However we have a lot of Hornets flying around the house from spring through fall.. I think instead of spraying all of them this year, I might save a few to try using as “motors”. Cruel you might say, but they’re hornets and will be killed (by me) from any number of methods all year long. Giving one the joy of flying a Bipe? is something dreams are made of.

If you want to try flying one just leave the other side of the wing surfaces off.

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Pattern Updated

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The Nieuport 11 print page has been updated with assisting pictures and brief directions. Enjoy!

Nieuport 11 replaced

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Bebe at the Museum in MedinaAfter recoloring and rebuilding the Bebe; I decided I would go over to the Medina Railroad Museum and swap it out. It looks more realistic now I think you’ll agree. Plans ahead for a De Havilland DH4 Bomber Biplane and a commemorative HO scale model of the Medina United Methodist Church.

Nieuport 11 Weathered pattern

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Here’s an improved pattern for the Nieuport 11 Bebe. Outer blurs have been removed and the front cowl is gone. I will update this as I get time – going to post it quickly for now.